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Updated Goal 2019-20

As the school year began, I felt great! I was loving my students, loving the curriculum and overall, just happy as could be. I didn’t know if that would translate into positive areas on the Tripod survey-nor were my efforts because of the survey; however, I was quite pleased when the survey results came out. As far as I’ve been told, “green is good” and there’s a lot of green in the flower below.



At first, I struggled with coming up with an area I really wanted to focus on. Truth be told, I was overwhelmed by what the next steps would be and what my final Tripod survey would reveal. It’s daunting to know that with a lot of green, there’s a lot that can happen to lose momentum and have things go south. This year has shaped up to be a crazy busy one (truly, are there ever any that aren’t?!). So, having a conversation with myself, I thought about what I truly feel is important that my students leave our time together having a strong experience in. I came down to “Challenge”. I selected this because I feel as if it is our job as educators to meet students, regardless of where they are, and truly provide a challenging environment. I want my students to know that I want them to push themselves, that I expect them to work hard and put forth their best effort. Last year, my Challenge category was high in all areas. So, I’m reflecting on why my students feel as if I do not challenge them at a high level. I’m still working on that, but I do know we had a very slow start to the year. I’m curious to hear how things go as more and more expectations and one-on-one conversations have been had with the students. Will they feel more challenged? Or, will this be something I’ll continue to work on in years to come?

Personal Goal 2019-20

Last year, I retooled my goal to move from Confer to Consolidate–working specifically on summarizing learning targets at the end of class. When I began to do so with students last year, it made a huge difference in how students viewed the lessons. This year I would like to add on having students summarize and synthesize their learning. One way I will do this is through the use of note-booking. In the past, I’ve consistently had students create process pages to work through their thinking; however, have not provided the time to bring their thinking together in synthesis pages. This year I’m planning on providing a standard day to go back through and synthesize their learning for the week. The reason for this is two fold: one, to make sure that they are taking the time to bring their thinking and learning together; two, to serve as an assessment tool to see what my students are able to synthesize. This will be a great way to make sure they are on track and to encourage deeper level thinking.

Strand: Consolidate

“We review and summarize lessons to help make learning coherent and memorable.”

  • I summarize big ideas at the end of lessons and review them periodically.
  • I ask students to summarize and synthesize what they are learning.


Adjustment to Personal Goal 2018-19

Initially, my personal goal for the year was focused around:

  • Feedback on student work focuses on supporting students’ thinking and self-directed problem-solving.

After receiving the Tripod results, I was surprised (but pleasantly so!) to see that my students thought I already was doing a great job in this area. As such, I spent my time reviewing the data and looking for patterns that could help me determine a focus for the year.

What came up over and over again was anything using the word “summarize”. This was not completely surprising to me. Too many times, class runs right to the last minute and I’m frantically trying to get students to write their home learning in their planners. I focus so much on that, that I haven’t consistently summarized, or consolidated, the day’s learning. I spoke with my students about the result and they verbalized confusion around the word “summarize”. Many students said a summary is something that happens after they read and article or a book and then they tell what it was about. Through discussion, clarification on how summarize can be used in other scenarios was had.

After discussing with the students, I created a daily PPT slide that I put up as the moved to independent work. At the end of class, I then reviewed the slide as a reminder of our focus for the day. Over time, I moved away from the slide (the having to make a choice between using the whiteboard or projecting was a difficult one for me) and I started writing the target or day’s learning on the board. Above the target, I also had instructions for students when they first walk into the class. It’s a quick check for me to see who is reading the board also. Once we begin, I physically touch the target and at the end of class, I go back, touch the target and remind students of the day’s focus.

Personal Goal 2018-19

There are so many things I want to work on as a teacher; however, upon reflection and looking at the Tripod’s: Guide to the 7 C’s,  I have decided to focus on the area of “Clarify”. Specifically looking at:

  • Feedback on student work focuses on supporting students’ thinking and self-directed problem-solving.

My belief as a teacher is that I am here to help facilitate and to be less helpful so students become more independent. I want my students to learn how to take control of their learning and feel as if they are able to drive their learning. An important step of that process is to make sure that students feel as if they are receiving meaningful feedback that they are then able to act upon.