Intro to Circuitry Rotation 1 will see students making a simple electronic greeting card using a coin cell battery, copper tape, an LED, and other basic stationery and craft supplies.


What might online teaching and learning look like in my context?

For a hands-on, project-based class, online teaching and learning will include simulators for the physical products that students would have been able to make. It will allow us to spend more time on iterating design, using multiple feedback loops that we normally wouldn’t have time for in the physical classroom. Understanding the circuitry through only online means will require me to use a variety of online resources to grasps some challenging concepts.

An area for growth, if completely online, will be student interaction and collaboration. That didn’t go so well last spring and I can see that students need more feedback than just me so I will try to simulate the classroom environment where students work side-by-side and give each other feedback regularly. I’ll create ‘table groups’ of 4 as if in the classroom and they will use these groups frequently in Zoom Breakout rooms as well as collaborative online documents. This will hopefully foster a sense of ‘team’ within the class so students feel they have a connection to each other and can rely on each other for feedback.