Online Orientation Reflection

The online orientation was a great introduction to ISB. The modules were informative and provided insight into what we will be seeing as we come into the classroom in the upcoming weeks. I loved to see the importance of SEL and it is evident to anyone who completed the training that providing students with an open minded and well-balanced education is the top priority of the school. The 7 C’s help teachers to assess their own practice and create goals throughout the upcoming year to work on and improve on. The last few years of my teaching practice I have been working to Clarify and Consolidate my own lessons. As a new teacher I often did too much.  This will be my first year working with Grade 1 students and I feel teaching explicit concise lessons with clear teaching objectives is the most beneficial for their education and for my own sanity and organization. This year I hope to continue to work on these, while also mastering a balance of care in terms of classroom management. As we discussed last week, classroom management is the backbone to success in all areas and needs to be done in a positive way to create a safe learning space.

I also found the brief introduction to technology, websites and on-line resources available to the ISB staff very useful. This was a huge weakness at my previous school and it was nice to get to take a look into the importance of technology, as well as the platforms we will be asking the students and staff to use for collaboration and data collection.

I am more of a hands-on learner, and get much more from being in the school and learning face to face. Having said that, I was grateful to come in knowing what to expect and the basic systems, curriculums and beliefs used at ISB. Some of the organization of the on-line orientation could be improved for next year’s new staff. A simple checklist with the modules and action tasks could provide helpful, especially if they had direct links to any incomplete work. Overall the orientation complimented the in-person orientation beautifully. I look forward to the year ahead!




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