Preparing for the 2020-2021 AY Learning Experience

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What action(s) might you take in order to prepare for online and blended learning? 

After going through the 3 units, I have learned some new things and revisited some old ideas, and I feel that I am given a clear direction and specific requirements about online and offline learning.

  • I need to plan very precisely for each unit to see how much time is needed, this is particularly important for my IB classes as we need to complete 5 themes in two years; In the meantime, I need to ensure that students master the key concepts and skills by doing more effective interactive learning activities, using flipped classroom and learning tools;
  • I need to align the assessment tasks with the standards which are updated during the summer. The assessment tasks should be effective to assess students’ true learning;
  • I need to pay more attention to students who are outside of Beijing not only academically, but also social and emotionally;
  • In all my classes, I will have students with different levels of Chinese, learning background and learning needs, and that all require my better planning for DI  in terms of learning materials, tasks and activities leading to achieve the learning goals.
  • Having said all these above, I realize that they are a lot to do, to learn and to work with my colleagues! I hope that the school and the admin team continue to support the teachers as always!


Considering your previous experience with online learning, what are your instructional strengths & areas for growth? 


  • I provided support for learning by uploading in DX all the texts and tasks in forms of audio, video, ppt, quizlet links;
  • I gave timely feedback on students’ work orally or in written form through DX and emails; DX was not easy to use in this regard, I hope it will be faster and easier to use this year.
  • I informed students and parents timely for concerns of students’ learning;
  • I gave students right amount of work to complete, and the deadline is reasonable and flexible;
  • I offered individual help for students through Zoom
  • I asked students to do a reflection after a summative assessment

Area to grow:

  • I need to use more technology tool, such as flipgrid, Kahoot, breakout rooms in Zoom for interactive activities;
  • I need to do more individual conferences, maybe end of a unit or after a summative assessment;
  • More follow-up activities after collecting the reflection from students about teaching of a unit and a summative assessment;
  • Allow students to have more involvement in task design;
  • More DI for teaching in terms of lesson delivery, work requirement and assessments.
  • Keep in mind all the time for students’ social and emotional status and provide help!

Using the 5Cs of online learning, what goals might you set for yourself in anticipation of future online instruction?  

My goal this year is: care and captivate

For care, my focus is on students’ SEL and their academic learning needs. Although, my IB students have no choice but to study five themes, the skills they need to work on vary. Some require more work on listening comprehension and other on essay writing. My teaching will need to meet their needs. The same applies for my non-IB classes. In the meantime, I need to help the students with non Asian background to relieve some of their pressure of studying together with students of Asian background, who have advantages in listening and speaking.

For captivate, I need to make my teaching and learning fun, challenging and engaging. To do so, I need to work on materials selection, activity and assessment design and effective use of teaching tools. I need to work harder and should not feel ashamed of asking for help.

How might you achieve these goals? Who might you reach out to for support? 

I kind of have answered this part in the sections above. Work hard, do more readings, ask for help from my colleagues and other resources, such as Office of Learning!


If you had a magic wand, what might the 5Cs of online learning look like in your classroom? 

I know what I am doing, where I am taking students, and students are following me with trust and happy feeling that they are learning something they find interesting and useful.

Thoughts on students’ feedback

Looking at the details of the analysis of students’ survey, two items brought my attention to it, which are “my teacher in this class makes me feel that he/she really cares about me” and “my teacher really tries to understand how students feel about things”. Honestly, they came as a surprise. In the meantime, I realize that there must be something I didn’t do well.

I have read the instructional strategies of “care” , and found they are helpful in many ways. My next step will be trying these strategies in my teaching. Among the strategies, “flexible grouping” and “attending to language as a cultural force”, as well as “scaffolding” are my focus.


7 C goal

Initially, for 7c I wanted to work on “captivate”, but after seeing the results of students’ survey, I now have changed my goal to “Care”. I had thought I was always very caring to my students, and I had never expected I “care” was the lowest score in the students’ survey. However, after reading the definition of “care” in 7c, I realized that my understanding of care was different from the definition of “care” in 7c. I certainly have a lot to learn and to do in the area of “care”. It will help my teaching and students’ learning in the end, regardless “care” or “captivate”.


Welcome to your Professional Learning Blog! This is a place for you to post your goals, and reflect on them throughout the year.

  • Decide on your goal, perhaps in consultation with your colleagues or principal, and create a post to share with this online professional learning community that you are now a part of! Categorise this post in Goal Setting. Set your goal by considering:
    • Self assessment and reflection based on new teacher standards  (Tripod 7C’s)
    • Previous or new observation data from peers and principals
    • Student surveys (online surveys developed and aligned with 7C’s)
  • Identify colleagues, coaches, principals etc. that will play a supporting role in achieving your goal, and invite them to view and comment on your post. Encourage them to bookmark your blog and visit regularly.
  • Throughout the year, collect and share evidence to support your progress. Categorise these posts in Reflection.
  • Encourage your colleagues to share your learning journey by engaging with your blog. In return, engage with their blog (and others across the School)
  • You may also like to share work that your students have created or your own professional achievements that may not be directly related to your goal setting. This is encouraged! Categorise these posts as Showcase.

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