First off I’d like to acknowledge and thank the entire ISB team involved for putting together an online module for all the new hires. It has been an informative, insightful, useful resource for us to get a better understanding the culture at ISB, different instructional models, the curriculum and support services offered, to name a few. Though it has been a lot of information to process, it has been great to be given the opportunity to take all this in and get a glimpse of what the whole picture of teaching at ISB will look like (for those of us who are not in Beijing yet!).

I can say for sure I had many ah-ha moments when learning about the Dragons Gate Exchange portal. It was so important to exploring this as it is highly resourceful and something that is regularly used. There’s lots of updates ranging from life at ISB, resources for teachers, announcement, etc. Another ah-ha moment I had was when I learned about the 7Cs framework and how it meshes personal, curricular and academic support wonderfully together. I absolutely loved familiarizing myself with it and I am thrilled to be using this framework!

The online orientation provided a great overview of the expectations and culture of an educator at ISB. It was very comprehensive, thorough and informative in all important areas to ensure we are introduced/equipped with various teaching strategies, instructional models, curriculum overviews to support our learners in our classroom. Though there’s a lot to learn, but that’s where all the fun is 🙂 What I look forward to most is community building in a diverse community such as ISB. There is a broad range of diverse cultures and backgrounds. It makes me super excited to grow culturally and also immerse myself in such an environment.

I believe it is so important to identify and value differences and diversity within our community. I believe this belief of mine aligns with ISB’s. My personal educational philosophy is to focus on the whole child – their growth socially, emotional and academically.

My greatest takeaway is that I look forward to growing in such a welcoming and vibrant environment where I am able to collaborate and professionally grow with my colleagues.

7Cs Framework – Areas of Strength & Growth

My greatest strength would be CARE. It is vital for educators to connect and build strong, trusting relationships with our students. I make it my goal to understand my students’ needs socially, emotionally and academically to the best of my ability. We are not just teaching a child a certain subject, we are educating the WHOLE CHILD! It is of utmost importance for teachers to understand their students, what are their interests, what are their passions, how do they want to learn and what do they want to learn, etc. We work as a partnership with the students and their families to meet all their needs. Until we are able to build a trusting relationship with them, only then will our students actively engage in their learning environment and thrive in their learning.

Another area which I believe is a strength of mine is CONFER. It is important for us as educators to involve students in their learning whether this is done through provocations, discussions, and valuing student input. Asking questions, promoting discussions and encouraging student input empowers our students and enables them to take ownership of their learning.

Captivate is an area that I would say is a strength and also an area of growth. Sparking an interest in student learning is crucial. As educators, it is our role to design lessons that enables students to make connections and stimulate their thinking. When introducing new units, or at the beginning of lessons, I make it an objective for students to connect their learning to any prior knowledge and ask questions. This encourages space for curiosity, which drives their learning. I would also say that this an area of ongoing growth as it is very situational, depending on the class composition, unit of learning, limitations to materials/resources, thus requires us educators to adapt accordingly.

Lastly another area of strength and growth is Classroom Management. Having strong classroom management skills is imperative as it sets up the expectations of the learning environment. For students to be successful, teachers have to prepare a unique, exciting, orderly learning environment with established routines and procedures. My experience lies with multi-age groups that required lots of differentiation and personalized learning. It was so important for me to have established routines in the classroom for me to meet the needs of all my students. I also believe that classroom management extends beyond the classroom. In a multicultural classroom, we need to ensure that we understand each child’s beliefs, values and culture to create a respectful environment for all. This builds a strong and supportive classroom community and promotes willingness to collectively follow expectations. Classroom management is also an area of growth for me as I always seek to better my classroom management skills. I need to be kind to myself and flexible when things don’t go as planned so that I model to my students that it is okay when things don’t always go as planned. We need to learn to be adaptable. Thus, is an area of both strength and ongoing growth. I’m always interested to explore and expand my repertoire in this area as there is still so much to learn!

Reflection on ISB’s Professional Growth Model

I am so excited about ISB’s professional growth model. In the field of education, it is paramount to focus on growth as education is a constantly evolving practice. Through teaching, we as teachers are continuously learning as well. There is always room for growth and I firmly believe that teachers are life-long learners. Our role as teachers is to grow and better our practice and deliver quality education while accommodating a diverse range of learners to reach their potential.

The 7Cs framework of effective teaching focuses on essential components in teaching – care, confer, captivate, clarify, consolidate, challenge and classroom management. These are all crucial to effective and meaningful teaching and learning. I’m ecstatic to be using this framework as these components align with my personal beliefs as an educator.

I find it great that ISB stresses on the growth of their teachers. It demonstrates that ISB is an organization that truly believes in providing numerous opportunities for teachers to deliver meaning and effective instruction through connecting with ISB’s mission, vision and values. I also find that what better way can teachers reflect on their effectiveness than through student surveys which enable teachers to directly receive valuable feedback to improve and grow their practice.

My question at this stage would be how the online teaching model will impact our timeline to move forward with our goal-setting and development, student surveys and reflection.


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