After reading through the Tripod student survey results, it was good to know that the students’ perception of consolidation coincided with my own. This is definitely an area on which I need to work. My highest in the “unfavorable 2” category was 23% and was in summarizing the learning we do each day.

Some areas I need to improve in are:

  • knowing if something is bothering students
  • trying to understand how students feel about things
  • knowing when students don’t understand
  • explaining in a different way when students don’t understand
  • teaching students how to correct their mistakes
  • taking the time to summarize what we learn each day
  • expecting students to behave a certain way

Strategies I could use:

  • exit tickets to summarize our learning
  • periodic check-ins during class to assess understanding
  • trying different ways of explaining topics
  • more personal check-ins to see how students are feeling

My strengths are:

  • challenging the students
  • allowing students to share thoughts and ideas
  • making learning enjoyable
  • clarifying ideas