Upon reflecting on the student feedback, I’ve noticed that I have really improved on my classroom management, as this was one of my goals from last year.

I was surprised to see that students thoroughly enjoyed my music classes and were engaged in every activity.  It is comforting to know that I have built a positive rapport with my students as they have given me a good score for being a good listener (confer).

However, after reading the survey it has been bought to my attention that there are a couple of teaching points that I need to work on and develop throughout my teaching practice:

  1. Consolidate: To help us remember, my teacher talks about things that we already learned.
  2. Challenge:  My teacher makes sure I try to do my best.

Therefore the question is – HOW AM I GOING TO ACHIEVE THIS?

To help students consolidate their learning I will co construct the success criteria with the students, so that at the end of each lesson we will reflect on whether we have achieved our goals.  The success criteria will be left on the whiteboard or made visible so that students can always refer to.

To develop the ‘challenge’ part of my teaching practice, I will do two stars and one wish at the end of every unit.  In this way, students can identify two things they have learned or enjoyed during music class and one thing they need to work on (which is their next step).