Goal Update

One of the 7 C’s that I wanted to focus on was the area of captivate. As mentioned in a previous post to this blog it was an area that the survey identified as weaker than the others.

With the advent of the Coronavirus and being a teacher at an international school in Beijing China I have been forced into hibernation.

e-learning has now become the norm for the unforeseeable future. This prompted me to think about how this affects my goal of improving my ability to captivate my students. I guess it can go one of two ways:

  1. It can be very boring for students as we are not engaging in face to face learning and the students are relying on work that I give them to do.
  2. Depending on the work that I give the students and the manner in which I present the work this could be a good learning curve. I am forced to learn new techniques and tools such as screencasts, Gizmo and Zoom. These are tools that I can use not only for e-learning but when I do resume face to face teaching and learning. I can already see a use for screencasts in a flipped classroom environment.

Survey Results

The results of the survey have come in and it is a bit depressing that I am classified as medium/average for most of the areas.  As I expected I was above average in the classroom management category however I can see room for improvement in the following areas:




It seems my score was lower than the world average.  We were clearly told not to pay too much attention to this section but it is human nature to look and compare myself with other teachers.

I also wonder what average really means.  In one particular category I rated 93% for favourable and 7% unfavourable yet this is still considered average??????  I am not sure about this.  There are several sections that follow the same pattern.


However, I was not surprised that the area of Captivate was an area that needed improvement.  I choose this area at the start of the year and the results of the survey have confirmed my choice.

I think I will do some research on specific/effective ways to incorporate technology into my lesson in an effort to better captivate students. Although I am not sure technology is always the answer.



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