One of the 7 C’s that I wanted to focus on was the area of captivate. As mentioned in a previous post to this blog it was an area that the survey identified as weaker than the others.

With the advent of the Coronavirus and being a teacher at an international school in Beijing China I have been forced into hibernation.

e-learning has now become the norm for the unforeseeable future. This prompted me to think about how this affects my goal of improving my ability to captivate my students. I guess it can go one of two ways:

  1. It can be very boring for students as we are not engaging in face to face learning and the students are relying on work that I give them to do.
  2. Depending on the work that I give the students and the manner in which I present the work this could be a good learning curve. I am forced to learn new techniques and tools such as screencasts, Gizmo and Zoom. These are tools that I can use not only for e-learning but when I do resume face to face teaching and learning. I can already see a use for screencasts in a flipped classroom environment.