My Online Learning Planner and Reflection

As Careers & University Advisor the first action I will need to take is deciding on when I can best deliver activities to my grade 12 and/or 11 cohort of students.  It’s not as though Careers & University Advisors are given any time to present to our cohorts or students assigned to us.  There are many lessons or activities we would like to provide, like those we would have covered in our on-campus “Senior Retreat”, however now we’ll have to look for a time we can offer Zoom meetings for our cohorts outside of the school day and probably offer at least two times to accommodate those students not in Beijing.  of course we’ll record these Zooms for those students who could not attend.  Most of our work will be individually with seniors in the fall and juniors in the spring, utilizing study hall periods and after school hours.

The Online Learning Plan I created is for a grade 11 activity I will present in two 30-minute Mentoring times.  I plan to collaborate with Alec Nash who works in our department to introduce the Maia Learning platform to our juniors and to have them complete at least one of the four self-awareness assessments available through our subscription and then unpack the results so students have a better understanding of self and how this new knowledge can influences the decisions they make in the present and future.

Care has always been a focus of mine as school counselor, connecting with students, inclusion or ice breakers, listening and reflecting has always been a part of my role.  Online it’s not much different.  Reaching those students who do not attend is a goal, getting them motivated to attend as well as follow-up with students to measure consolidation of learning before moving on to the next topic.

I would like to learn more about the 5Cs.  In the 2018-2019 I was told by my team leader at the time that counselors were not going to be involved in the professional development program, so I’ve never received any information or training on the 5C’s.  As Careers & University Department we have weekly meetings but collaborating on individual activities or presentation will be a challenge especially online and at a distance as finding time is always a challenge.  In addition I’ll have to quickly assess the comfort levels of the new staff I will be collaborating with before we can create a plan of who will do what.

The Careers & University Department will work through the how and when, we already know the what.  We’ll have to work collaboratively as we have new staff and this is the first year with this complimentary high school counseling model.

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  1. lwicks

    Your planner gives some specific strategies and activities that you will use to get grade 11 and 12 working in Maia learning. Your experience in ISB and with IBDP will be a great support to your new colleagues. I can share the Tripod 7C professional development booklet with you, so you can read the Care section for more information. Certainly the =is semester will remain unusual. I hope we will all be back on campus in more normal circumstances before winter break.

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