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'Consolidation is a stage in a lesson where a topic or new information is enforced. It is an excellent opportunity for children to ask questions and clarify things'   This academic year

Day 31 SLOLC: It's Vaccination Day! for real

The final day of this challenge is one also of new beginnings. Today, at 8:30 I hopped on my scooter and ventured off to the clinic. Big red signs were everywhere (I have pictures but the Great Firewa

Day 30 SLOLC: Butter Fingers

"Hey Mom, I broke something today," Sage said as she gave me a hug and walked off. "Wait, what? What did she break?" My husband overheard our conversation and his ears perked up. "No worries, we

Day 29 SLOLC: Hope

It's vaccination day! Well, almost...sort of...kind of....possibly. We received an email saying we needed to sign up-for which one? Who knows? We know it's local and it could be one of two. We know we

Day 28 SLOLC: Oops

Whelp, this it is. I missed a day. I knew it was going to happen. When I set off on this challenge, it was with high hopes; however based on past experience, I knew it probably would go down like this

Day 27 SLOLC: 2000 beats all

Laying in bed, I knew what kind of day it was going to be before my feet hit the floor. An eerie yellow glow came in through my bedroom window...ominous...foreboding. As I walked down the stairs, I co

Day 26 SLOLC: My Father's Habit

  I didn't see my dad much growing up and so the stories I have of him you'd think would be few. But, my dad is one of those people things happen to and everyone likes. He collects people like

Day 25 SLOLC: Sweet Relief

I never thought I needed one until I sat in my friend's. Instantly the pain in my hips subsided and I felt as if I could melt into the buttery leather upholstery. A co-worker calls it an old lady chai

Day 24 SLOLC: My Fav Purple Cords

The 1980s came and went and I can honestly say, the fashions of the time did not appeal to me greatly. I had the jelly bracelets, the scrunchies, and the T-shit holders....splatter painted everything,

Day 23 SLOLC: Throne of Glass

I'm tired. Completely and utterly tired. My husband says it's no one's fault but my own. I disagree. I'm blaming Sarah Maas. It's 100% her fault. Her fault for writing a 7-book series that average 600