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Online Orientation Reflection

Providing online orientation training and on-site one are good ideas, you:  learn at your path,  familiarize yourself with your new environment and its expectations, discover your new collea

Online Orientation Reflection

The online orientation was a great introduction to ISB. The modules were informative and provided insight into what we will be seeing as we come into the classroom in the upcoming weeks. I loved to se

Orientation Reflection

I’m satisfied with the online orientation experience. I feel like I get to know ISB better from different important aspects of the school. I think ISB is really trying the best to be a student-cente

New Faculty Orientation Reflection

The online modules were quite informative. I've learned so much as I begin my ISB path. The modules were able to provide an abundance of information that I could shift through on my own time. I am eag

New Faculty Orientation Reflection!

The online orientation was incredibly insightful and stimulating. It has made me very excited to start my work at ISB. I felt many of the values and systems at ISB that was covered encompasses the thi

New Faculty Orientation Online Reflection

It was great to read about how ISB approaches student development, student learning, curriculum development, assessment, and more. I'm excited to join a school with such progressive and well-planned g

Reflection on Online Orientation

I'm exctied to have completed the online orientation. It's useful to have had an introduction to the structure of the school before I walk in the door, hopefully this will make it easier when my inevi

New Faculty Reflection 🙂

The online modules have been extremely informative. I have learned an abundance of information as I embark on my ISB journey. The modules provided me with enough information that I could digest on my

New Faculty Online Orientation

Starting at a new school (or any job) can be challenging because newcomers do not have access to the wealth of related information that can only be amassed through experience at the job/location.  Th

Online Orientation: Final Reflection

I enjoyed learning about important aspects of the systems that allow ISB to flourish in the low-risk environment of online learning. I appreciated the convenience, accessibility, and opportunity for s