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Goal Setting 2021

I'd like to focus on Consolidate, where I help students not only summarize what they have learned on a more regular basis, but they also reflect upon their learning and grow their study skills. In

2021 Goal - Challenge

The past years have been challenging due to the Covid situation. We have to face on-going changes which are usually unpredictable. As educators in the international school, we are aware of the Social

Creating a More Captivating Classroom

7Cs Professional Growth Goal (to be completed after Professional Growth Self Reflection) Which of the 7Cs will you work on this year?  Why?     CAPTIVATE – After reviewing student f

Fall 2021 Reflection

Hello professional learning community! I've got my survey results back for this semester and have been reflecting on them and now it's time to put the thinking into some goal setting and action. There

SMART goal for 2021-22

EY3 SMART Goal Tree Diagram 2021-2022

SMART goal 2021-2022

My SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic & relevant, timely) goal this year is to ensure that students understand and know what to do in class. I was surprised by some results on t

SMART goal

My SMART goal (draft) for '21-'22 professional growth: I will wrap up each class with some type of check-in on progress towards COLOCOs. I be in this regular habit by the beginning of semester 2 (J

2021-2022 Professional Goal Setting 设定专业成长目标

通过反思学生在Tripod上的反馈,我发现自己在Captivate和Classroom management方面得到了较好的评价,但Consolidate(整合和巩固)是我在教学上还有待加强的方面

SMART Goal 2021 -22

SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic & relevant, timely) goal This year I will work on consolidate. Consolidate was the main area to build on according to my Tripod report. One pe

Professional Goal 2021-2022

My goal this year is to embed more technologies, which are teaching efficient and friendly ones, into my teaching. The tech I will use should be beneficial for formative and summative assessment of st