To Flip or Not to Flip

I have been flipping my lessons for all three courses since the beginning of the school year. During parent-teacher conference, some parents, especially the ones who watch the lesson videos with their children, were very pleased with the model. However, some parents expressed the believes that since we are no longer teaching online and they pay a lot of tuition, they do not want their children to learn online or through lesson videos.


Although I have explained to parents that I do not simply assigned youtube videos or Khan Academy videos to the students to watch and I make all my own videos, I have decided to go back to the traditional model for the rest of the unit. I will then ask my students to fill out a survey so they can let me know which model they prefer and why.


It has been interesting to see how vocal they are about which model they prefer and I simply cannot wait to read their feedback.

Planning for Online Learning 2020

For a better view click here: Chen’s Online Planner

Although I used DX as my main platform for all my classes last year, there are still many tools that I need to discover, utilize, and master. For example, I have not created an assessment on DX but starting to have assessments on DX is one of my goals.
Also, I need to look into tools such as Eduflow and Flipgrid since I have been only using DX and wechat for peer review work.
With what has beens said, I think the one of the 5C’s that I have to work on this year is Collaboration. I know once I find out how many of my students are still not back in Beijing, I will have a better plan of how to work on collaboration online.
I would also like to work on consolidating by asking the right questions and making homework more meaningful.
Thanks to Yamatin, I will try to ask these questions (face to face and online) to encourage metacognition in class and also when students do their homework.
Important questions:
– What do you notice
– What do you wonder
– What else? What else? What else?
The most important questions:
– Why did you say _________________?
– What do you mean by _______________?
– Tell me more about ________________.
– How did you get ________________?
– Where did the number ______ come from?
– How did you see that number?
– How do you know that you are right?



Confer and Clarify~

My strength is Caring and I am glad that my kids know that I care about them.

The question that ask about whether or not I notice when something is bothering them is a strange question because I do not think we are expected to read people.


I did not get a good score on Classroom Management but it is expected because I have an extremely angry child in that class. I think he is doing better so I hope this score will improve for next time.

These are the Cs that I have to work on.


I need to give my students more opportunities to share their ideas and listen to others in a respectful way.  I always find myself rushing in class so I don’t give them enough time to share so I think I will use other online platform to encourage them to have discussion outside of class. 


I think I have to save 5 mins at the end of each class to summarize what we learn each class.



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