After analyzing the data from the survey, I have found that I need to make some changes to my teaching craft in relations to Clarity of the 7Cs.

There are other areas of concern; however, I feel that if I improve in Clarity, the other areas will improve.  For example, I tend to become frustrated when students are disengaged and inattentive when directions are given or explicit teaching is happening.  This affects the general Care within my teaching.  This might not happen if more students were able to work independently.  Therefore, if I was more clear in my teaching and directions, it would improve the overall classroom experience.

Before I get into steps and strategies I would like to implement, I would like to explain a philosophy that I have around learning:

  • When students feel comfortable with the content and practice or inquiry, students will feel successful and be engaged.
  • It is only when students feel lost or frustrated with the learning that problems arise in comfort, management, and behavior.
  • When the learning is accessible to all students, all other areas will improve.


Steps to Improve Clarity:

  • Deliberate explanation of the Content Objectives and Language Objectives before and after the learning in a subject.
  • Macro scaffold Content Objectives – break down the learning into smaller accessible chunks that do not overwhelm students.
  • Tend to students’ misconceptions and questions.