Making Deliberate Actions Towards a Goal 

I’ll be honest.  I have not deliberately  worked on parts of my goal:

  •  going over the content and language objectives after the class.
  • breaking the instructions down into more accessible chunks.

I have found that these actions have been more reactive than proactive (deliberate).  For example, I gave my students some instructions and expectations for a project relating to migration.  It was not until going around and observing and conferring with them that I found that they were confused about the expectations and had left out some very important, key details.  Oops.  Another example is during writing I have tried to have students reflect on what they have learned that workshop with their writing buddy.  This was a routine that was set up without any reflection on my goals.  It is good teaching, just not deliberate.

I need to be more deliberate about working on my goals.  This will definitely be a focus for me for the remaining days of this school year.