Fall                                                                                            Spring


After reviewing the results of the student survey, I would say that I was able to reach my goal.  My focus was on Clarify/Collaboration and there were steps that I took to make sure that I improved in this area.  First, I made it a point to be prepared and come to the lessons with the necessary materials and plans.  One way that I facilitated this was to keep track of students’ needs on an excel document.  Another way that I was able to reach my goal was to have more constructive meetings with my co-teachers.  I also made it a point to be more forward when I knew it was in the best interest of the students to have small group pull-outs or one-on-one time.  These factors allowed me to improve in clarifying the learning objectives and successfully teach them.

Moving forward, I think I could still improve on co-planning to focus more on individual needs and differentiation rather than just COLOs.   I would also like to better understand how to best help students with their individual needs: scaffolding, best practices, etc.  I have been learning a lot from colleagues, but there is always something else we can do.