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Teaching in the Time of Covid

Teaching in the time of Covid is a challenge for both teachers and learners, luckily so far I feel that we have all be able to respond with great resilience. Below you will find the Online Learner Planner for Grade 9, Cycle 2 of Health (Sleep, Stress & Social Media) for the HS PE department. In cycle 1 we will start by outlining the course, I will introduce myself to the students and run some activities with them via Zoom to create a positive first interaction.

To prepare for online and blended learning I will communicate early and regularly with my PI so that we establish a good relationship and work together to the benefit of the students. I will also put in effort to familiarize myself with the various technological tools and platforms (DX, Loom, Zoom, Padlet, Flipgrid, Mementi, Kahoot! etc.) before the start of the academic year. The tools mentioned above will also help me captivate the students’ interests, clarify concepts and allow students to learn at their own pace (asynchonized).

Looking back at the last 5 months of online learning I believe that I have still been able to uphold and build strong relationships with students. I have listened, comforted and advised students and parents in the process of switching to online learning. By taking a flexible and accepting stand, I was able to reduce stress and help students to continue to thrive. As lots of the technology available for the coming period of time is new to me, I expect to develop and grow my understanding and usage of these tools. It will be a process of trial and error but I am confident that with the help of my fantastic new colleagues Angela and Bujar as well as the ISB community, I will get up to speed soon.

With my magic teaching wand I hope to have a smooth collaboration with my PI Mr. Joe Zheng (who I heard is amazing!) to create a safe and well managed class environment. By connecting every lesson live (synchronized), even though that will be in the middle of the night with the Dutch-Chinese time difference, creating screencasts, flipgrid and loom videos (asynchonized) I believe I can show care and build relationships until the face-to-face era comes around again. Lastly, students will be able to collaborate by using online resources on shared platforms (padlet, mementi, onedrive).

It is not going to be an easy start of the new academic year but with the help of the ISB community and the prospect of living and working in an amazing city, I am confident it is going to be a great success!

Reflections on The 7C’s Framework – My Strengths & Areas of Growth

I believe that my “care” and “captivate” are among my greatest strengths. In my teaching I lay a great emphasis on building strong, positive relations with my students. I make a conscious effort to enquire with students about their life beyond PE and sports and feel that there is a mutual, healthy amount of respect and appreciation between us. In surveys in previous employments students have communicated that they feel emotionally and intellectually safe in my lessons and that they believe that I am genuinely interested in them as learners.

Additionally, I have asked and received feedback direct and indirectly about lesson content, the curriculum and assessment from students. Overall, feedback has been very positive with key words such as “engaging”, “easy to get involved in” and “challenging but fun” being mentioned.

To improve my teaching I feel that I can further improve on “consolidate” and “challenge”. Being more consistent in consolidating the completed lessons will help students retain strategies, rules and skills better. I would like to focus on and remind myself to put the learning pieces of a session back together through conversation/discussion to help students gasp the bigger picture of theoretical knowledge, game understanding and sporting concepts.

“Challenge” might just be the most important element of teaching. I strongly believe that if the challenge is right for the skills that students have, they will thrive, enjoy and continue to be motivated to put in effort. If it for this reason that I want to always have “challenge” as a focus in my teaching and believe that I can always do better/learn more about how to challenge students in my sessions.

Reading deeper into the 7C’s model I believe that the “message to students”, best practice in “an exemplary classroom”, “reflective questions” and “sample strategies” help me think about what outstanding education should look like and at the same time remind me of how to apply effective teaching consistently.

Reflections on The Professional Growth Model

I believe the Tripod’s 7C’s Growth Model is a very complete and easy-to-navigate growth model. In the past most growth models that I have worked with were very appraisal based which, like Patrick pointed out, can create anxiety with learners and produce insufficient feedback for teachers. I have also worked with a review and development professional growth model for staff, which focussed on personal development through different competences. Working with this model was useful for my personal development, however it was not as specific and student-focussed as the 7C’s model seems to be at first glance.

I like that the 7C’s Growth Model consists out of three main components that further divide into specific elements. I believe that with the 7 elements a good foundation is created from which I can focus on teaching & learning and will certainly use these for my professional development.

At this point I feel that my biggest strengths lay with “care” and “captivating” and my biggest points of improvement are “consolidate” and “challenge”.


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