Overall, pretty pleased with my survey results.  Very helpful to evaluate the Item Response Detail as opposed to the flowers page.

I received one unfavorable response in most categories.  Teaching young children, many of whom are EAL students, I do question the validity of the surveys to some extent.  Was the one kid mad at me for telling him to sit down and just put the negative response for all answers?  Did one student confuse the language and just put negative response for all answers without reading the questions?

Also, as an EAL teacher, while I do lead whole group instruction some of the time, the majority of my work is done in small groups or concentrated on helping students who may need a reteach or some additional help with a concept.  Thus, I also question the validity of the survey, as many questions don’t apply as directly to me as they do to the homeroom teacher.

Clarify was one of my lowest categories and it is also my goal.  I will continue to work on this.