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After consultants came to evaluate the LS and EAL program a common theme was that parents felt as though they did not receive enough communication from EAL teachers.

I believe in some ways this fits into my goal of Clarify.  Clarify is not just for students, but also all other partners.  We are working to develop what data we want to share, how we will share it, and setting guidelines and standards for how to collect this data.

Am hoping this Clarifying of goals and progress will help parents be partners in education with our students.  Some ideas of things would be, when parents know their child’s reading level, they help them select just right books.

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  1. Anonymous

    Trevor, I like your perspective on Clarify, that it’s not just for scholars. Looking forward to an update, as well as listening to you share at the end of the year if Clarify has helped to create the intended partnership between school and home. Great idea! – BB

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