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The 2020-21 beginning of the school year will certainly be an interesting one.  I am moving into a new position in the Middle School and am very excited for it.

While my title is somewhat “cheeky,” a word I have learned from my wonderful Australian and British colleagues… After viewing the modules, I am both excited and a little nervous for the upcoming year.  I am excited, because I can tell a great deal of thought and planning went into the different learning models, and I think the new guidelines will do much more to meet students’ needs.  I’m a little nervous, as without our amazing Ayi, or the ability to always clearly separate work and home life, how the new schedule will work with having rambunctious little ones around could prove challenging. 🙂

In identifying areas for the upcoming school year where I will need to learn and grow, one of the first ones that comes to mind is getting to know my new 7th grade team, and co-teachers.  Having been in a co-teaching role in grades 3-5 the past two years, I know how important communication and a strong relationship with my co-teachers will be in order to plan effectively and provide quality instruction to my students.  I think some 7th grade virtual happy hours may need to occur in order to develop these strong bonds :).  I also think it will be important for us to clearly outline expectations, communicate with one another about where students are struggling/succeeding, and have communicated guidelines on division of duties/responsibilities.  I have already started asking my instructional coach lots of questions, so thanks Krista for being awesome and helping me out!

Along with getting to know a new team, I know I will need to become more familiar with Middle School systems, 7th grade curriculum (all subject areas), and technology.   I am not super familiar with DX (used it a small amount from coaching soccer), and really want to learn a lot more about Mentoring (something I am SUPER excited for), and best practices from Lloyd and Tony for the EAL pullout class I will be teaching (something else I am also stoked for).  We plan to Zoom soon and I was encouraged to hear that they like to gameify and make the course as fun as possible, which is definitely very much right up my teaching alley (not sure if that is an expression, or makes sense, but you can critique it in your comments).

Having read through other blog posts, and after doing the SEL training, I really want to concentrate on Care during the first few weeks.  Given how some students may be feeling isolated, during these strange times, I want to build in time to make sure students get to know me and each other.  I also really want to learn more about how to facilitate quality online discussion, as this is something I struggled with last year.

Excited to meet my students and see all your faces soon.  Once we actually get back to China, social distancing be damned, I’m hugging all of you the second I see you (while wearing a mask of course).


  1. fschafer

    Thanks for sharing your reflection and completing the planner Trevor. Building strong, caring relationships is crucial to the learning process, so I appreciate your thoughts on how you plan to develop these from afar.

    I look forward to supporting you and the team this year on how best to provide timely and effective feedback as well as providing the care needed to support our students.

  2. Danette

    Oh my gosh, the title alone is enough to send chills up a spine!!

    Separating work and homelife has become so incredibly blurred while we work online. I know we keep pleading with colleagues to establish some boundaries and seek balance but wow… is it ever hard without the structure of a regular workday. I can’t imagine how much more challenging this is with little ones!

    Communication really is going to be key. So many students may not have had equal access to the curriculum due to their capacity to learn online or their family’s ability to support. These past months have impacted our students and families in ways we won’t even understand until we’re all back on campus. I wonder if English skills diminished for some while away? Just getting back into the groove of a regular school day is going to be challenging for ELLs who are already working so hard to learning content in English. Communication with grade 7 team, with parents, with students so important!!

    I’d love to pop into a zoom or live class for your game ‘Lights Out’. Super curious to see it! Your class is going to be fun, Trevor. I think middle school is such a good fit and the students will love your energy and fun loving nature. 

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