Online Learning 20/20 or Round 2

I love incorporating technology into my daily teaching practice, so am excited to be both in the classroom in Beijing and be supporting students online. I am eager and excited to work on improving my teaching practice in both settings and challenging myself to provide more succinct and informative lessons to students.

  • What action(s) might you take in order to prepare for online and blended learning? 
    • resources for morning meetings and SEL activities, including utilizing the activities that I did last semester
    • ensure that Seesaw and LibGuide are up to date with folders and resources for students to access information
  • Considering your previous experience with online learning, what are your instructional strengths & areas for growth? 
    • +  good with technology and creating, editing, and publishing videos; creating resources on the LibGuide for students to access information
    • –  need to work on adding/incorporating more SEL activities into the classroom
  • Using the 5Cs of online learning, what goals might you set for yourself in anticipation of future online instruction?  
    • Clarify – want to make online resources/videos more engaging for students who learn information in different ways; adding more visual images
    • Care – ensure that SEL activities are included in our weekly activities and work on making these a priority
    • Classroom Management – working on ensuring that students understand the expectations, as we work to create our in-class and virtual rules
  • How might you achieve these goals? Who might you reach out to for support? 
    • Clarify – look for resources that help support providing instruction in multiple ways
    • Care – look for resources and reach out to team members to decide on daily/weekly activities to incorporate into the lessons
    • Classroom Management – work with the students to create rules and expectations, as well as consequences if the rules are not followed.
  • If you had a magic wand, what might the 5Cs of online learning look like in your classroom?
    • Students working together in breakout rooms just as if they were in the classroom working and supporting their partner

Attached is my weekly planner.

Online Learning Weekly Planner ES 1 page_Veronika Chan

Change Is Good

Change is good and necessary in order for you to grow.

I had originally thought that I would focus on clarify, however based on my survey results, my new focus will be on Classroom Management and on Challenge.

Classroom Management has always been an area whereby I have wanted to improve. I struggle with being too strict and a happy medium, while making the class fun and productive. In the next week or so, I hope to come up with some new strategies and ideas for improving on this. My next post will be about different strategies.

With regards to Challenge, I have yet to have a conversation about growth mindset. I keep pushing the conversation back, but now after talking to the parents at conferences, I feel that I need to discuss it ASAP. I was shocked by how many parents said that their children are willing to give up and not try. Because of this, my goal is to teach a lesson on growth mindset this Friday. My next post will be on Friday following the lesson.



How can I clarify this?

To be honest, I haven’t made much progress on working towards my goal of clarify. Thankfully it is still the beginning of the year, so I have time to plan and focus on a specific subject.

I am leaning towards focusing on inquiry, which includes social studies and science. I selected this topic because it can leave information up for interpretation. In addition to clarifying information for my students, I am hoping to use technology as well. I feel that this is extremely important as you need to provide the students with multiple ways of accessing information.

To do this, I have to be more conscious of the time allocated for each lesson and keep my ‘teacher talk’ to a minimum. I want to ensure that the key information is presented by me and students also have an opportunity to find out more information online and then share it with others in the class. In addition to the class doing research on specific topics, they also will need to create something to show their learning to present to others. There learning would either be presented at the end of the lesson or the beginning of the next class. In can be in the form of a presentation or on Seesaw. By having students do their own research, they are more empowered to learn about the topic. They also have the opportunity to work on their collaboration skills. Students will learn different places where they can search for information online, and learn how to determine if the information is important to their topic.

In conjunction with my goal of clarify, I am working towards incorporating technology into the classroom in more meaningful ways as part of my ISTE certification.

After going back and re-reading my areas to focus on, I am going to include math in my next steps. I feel that this is more important than writing, because often times, students have trouble explaining why they arrived at an answer. They know the answer, but don’t know how to explain their thinking.

“I’m confused. Can you please clarify?”

As a new teacher, I wasn’t sure what I wanted my goal to be. I initially wanted to focus on all seven C’s, but I know that isn’t feasible. After much time reflecting, I decided to choose clarify for my goal. I selected this goal because I feel that I often do not provide multiple explanations for a given concept and want to improve on this. In previous years, I have often given an exit ticket to check if students have understood concepts, however am having trouble fitting this in with the block times. I am hoping to use my time more efficiently and in doing so, will have an opportunity to have students use exit tickets and check for their understanding at the end of a lesson more frequently.

How Will I Clarify Concepts?

I am hoping to incorporate more technology into my classroom by using Kahoot and other quiz apps. By doing this, I hope that students are exposed to different ways of showing their understanding of a concept.

Areas to Focus On

I have also noticed that some of my students are struggling with math concepts, so explaining concepts in a variety of ways will hopefully help them understand.

With regards to writer’s workshop, I need to provide more examples of different levels of work. By doing this, students will have a better understanding of what level of writing is expected of them.

My next post will be about my plan and next steps.


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