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Online and Blended learning.

Teaching HL subjects we have been doing blended learning for the past 2 years. I think the idea is to make blended learning As short as possible and to the point. This way students will be more likely to be engaged with it. Also  there needs to be follow up with the blended learning, this way students know that the teacher is serious about it. One question I have is why is blended learning not called homework?

For online work, I need to be more stringent on students having their camera on. This way I can gauge students understanding of the concepts. Most of the students attended the zoom sessions during the online learning form Feb on-wards. The tough thing is that there are some many resources out there that it takes time to use them or you just stick to the ones you know.


Care and Clarity are the areas i am going to work on. With IB students you need to be very clear with instructions and when the instructions are posted online there can be different interpretations.

Care is one are that needs to be addressed with students coming back or being stuck in isolation. We need to remember that this is difficult for them and need to be flexible as teachers. I look for support of the other science teachers when looking for solutions. There is a vast wealth of knowledge within the department and there are good ideas always being thrown around.

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All students enjoying being together, asking each other questions. Students enjoying learning and having those lightbulb moments.


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