2020-2021 Reflection


根据第一次Tripod学生问卷的数据结果,我把我今年的个人目标定为”Create a verity of group learning activities to maintain and sparking students interested in learning.(Captivate)”。学生的学习动机是非常重要的,如果学生觉得课堂没有趣味,学习的效果也不会很好。小组活动和同伴学习会让学生充分调动主动性、参与度,能够提升学生的学习动机,所以,我决定在这一年里在学生的小组活动和同伴学习方面做一些尝试。



我在一年级尝试了一些小组活动,例如:1 Peer reading,我在每节课都会设计同伴朗读的环节,学生需要找一个伙伴共同朗读我们学习的课文或儿歌,学生自己可以选择和同伴合作朗读的方式,一个人先读一遍文章,一个人后读;或者一个人读一个小段,一个人读一句这样交替读。在孩子们朗读的过程中,我观察到,有的学生的确在同伴的支持与帮助下,努力读出每个汉字,而给予帮助的学生又巩固强化了一次拼音和汉字的读音,双方都有所收获。2 Station活动。我给学生设计了包括拼音的拼读、汉字的识别与书写、汉字与拼音的匹配以及朗读,训练学生不同的语言技能。一个星期学生至少会做2次Station活动。孩子们很喜欢这些活动,活动过程非常投入。




Reflection on the online learning

Although online learning has been carried out for half a year, the blended learning mode is still challenging for teachers. It is very important to be familiar with the the new teaching mode before the new semester start. While studying the learning materials on blended learning provided by the school, I will also review the computer technology needed by eLearning. In the previous online teaching, I gave effective feedback according to the differentiation of each student, and provided corresponding guidance base on students’ individual needs. I will adhere to this point consistently, and continue to focus on students’ Social-Emotion Learning as well as explore the strategies to stimulate students’ interest in learning in the next semester. If I have a magic wand, I hope my students will study with passion, interest, initiative, happiness, sense of belonging and feel comfortable and safety in my classroom.

Yue Ge

Personal Goal

Design differentiated learning activities according to students’ different language proficiency and learning needs to spark and maintain their interest in Chinese learning.


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