EOY Reflection (2020-2021)

At the very beginning of this school year, I had many online students. Since many of them were new to our school, they took Chinese as their additional language course when they were still studying English, there were many difficulties in communicating with them about the class schedule and the learning content.

I had to schedule lessons from early morning to the afternoon every day, due to the tight schedule with the online and physical classes, I was exhausted, and I could feel that my enthusiasm towards having fun with my classroom students was fading away and I felt super worn out. That was why I chose “Care” as my priority goal among the 7 C’s.

That “Care” was not only for students but also for me. I am aware that building relationship is very important when we start schools, however, my energy at that time didn’t allow me to show enough care for my students in the classroom. Besides, when my assistant and I try to work on relationship building with students, unfortunately, my assistant was asked to help another class and we had a new person after. Students joined us one by one after completing their quarantine, and I felt like we had to do self-introduction over and over again. It was not an ideal experience to build positive classroom cultures and make connections with students.

After Christmas break, we started eLearning again, I focused on SEL more than before to make connections with students. Reopened campus learning without the online students was a big gift for me. I felt like finally, I can start my regular teaching starting from the beginning. I work with my assistant, build a relationship with the students by having constant interactions inside and outside of the classroom, provide support and help when we notice learning difficulties.

Now I feel finally we are on the right trajectory, I can see that students feel more comfortable physically and emotionally, express their ideas and emotions easily. However, the school year is almost over, I feel this year is too short for me to show enough care for my students. I look forward to a joyful and meaningful learning time for the next school year.

2020-2021 Planner (K-Gr5) Chinese CAL


The information about online and blended learning module in DX is quite inspirational for me, I reread the introduction of the two common models of blended learning, actually, I have thought about the station rotation model and always wanted to try in my class. The benefits students can obtain were listed in 7P and I have the confidence to draw the first outline of my station rotation model. For sending ability appropriate tasks and lessons I need to get the information on the students’ language proficiency level. So what I am planning to do in the first week is preassessment along with fun activities so that students don’t get stressed from their first class.

I like interactions with my students, according to my previous experience with online learning, I couldn’t have enough chance to interact with my students. One of the knowledge I learned through the DX lessons is that the classroom relationship we built before doesn’t link to the online class interactions automatically. Teachers need to build an online learning community with students from the first step. I always have the passion to interact with my students when students are ready, however, I haven’t paid much attention to those ones who were not ready, who might need more support and guidance.

Since I have acknowledged my areas for growth as above, I will choose Care as my big goal to lead my teaching path. I am planning to share my lesson plans with my TA so that both of us can be ready to support students’ online and blended learning. More people can bring more meaningful and knowledgeable ideas to share, I hope not only my assistant, but also our CAL team can use our meeting time to share ideas and resources. One of the big takeaways from the DX lessons is building an identity-safe environment for my students, I will work with my students to form a trustworthy learning community which is based on respect and support.

I guess the magic wand in my hand is only for an emergency if I have one. I like the mindful teaching, paying attention to what is actually happening to my students, figuring out what my students need, what is the best way to lead my students to the next step..ect, If we have a problem, I would let my students work collaboratively to find out the solutions instead of using the magic wand. Empowering students to take ownership of their learning is my long-term goal without a magic wand.

My Professional Goal for 2019-2020 School Year

Individual Goal:

Which of the 7C’s will you focus on? Why?

Clarity and Challenge


 Which of the 7C’s will you focus on?  Why?
 Clarity and Challenge

When I read the 7C’s framework, I found there are several things in those 2Cs that inspire me and motivate my teaching for the coming week.


According to my survey results, those two items below need to be improved.

Clarity: My teacher knows when the class understands, and when we do not.

Challenge: My teacher makes us explain our answers — why we think what we think.

Action Steps Resources Needed Evidence of Completion (demonstrate impact on student learning) Will be completed by:
  1. Explain concepts using multiple media, including text, images, audio, and video. (Clarity)   computer, ICT, Chinese team, TA   Classroom settings, cards, posters, anchor charts. Throughout the year
 2. Check students’ understanding with an exit slip. (Clarity)  TA assessment,

lesson plan.


 Throughout the year
3.Rubric Development: Clearly indicate success criteria so that students understand what is required. (Clarity)  Chinese Team  Charts and signs.  Throughout the year
4. Providing various models of successful student work.

Save examples of student work as exemplars to show and unpack with students. (Clarity)

Provide exemplars and learning progressions for students. (Challenge)

TA Student work, Seesaw, bulletin board.  Throughout the year
 5. Regularly communicate the expectation that all students can achieve challenging learning goals and I will support them in doing so. (Challenge)   student data,

Anecdotal record

  student work


 Throughout the year


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